Второ место во категорија најдобар бизнис/корпоративен сајт за 2015

Marketing Intern

2favoriteОбјавен на: 06-12-2018  |  Компанија: ВАЛОСО ХУБ ДООЕЛ Ско...  |  Индустрија: Маркетинг

Статус: Неактивен
Код на огласот: TGKIFJO
Работно место: Marketing Intern
Компанија: ВАЛОСО ХУБ ДООЕЛ Скопје
Индустрија: Маркетинг
Реон: Скопје
Отворен од: 06-12-2018
Отворен до: 14-12-2018
Плата: нема информација
Број на работни места: 2
Вид на вработување: Пракса
Потребни квалификации:

We are looking for 2 interns for a 3 months internship program to work together with our marketing team and get the opportunity to get hired afterward.The interns will be included in content generation for external marketing needs. This includes communicating with potential collaborators and clients, web content writing, generating new content ideas, distributing email campaigns, social media campaigns and project management.

We offer:

A motivating and friendly environment where values and results matter;

Opportunity to work with experienced marketing team and a unique chance to learn from experts in the fields;

A chance to prove yourself and learn the necessary skills to start your career;

Additional training required for the position.The internship is paid.

Your profile as a marketing intern:

You have already obtained a Bachelor's degree (It can be from a wide variety of fields, but Marketing/E-Business/English language are preferable);

You have an excellent command of the English language in both written and verbal communication;

You have excellent communication, presentation, research and analytical skills;

You are proactive, highly self-motivated and result-driven;

You are willing to perform different marketing tasks and help our team in the process of promoting and selling our services.

Valoso is an international company based out of New Zealand. We are a global media coverage company, that offers a unique approach to event promotion through PR, pre-event marketing, and full video service production.If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your CV to elenad@valosohub.com

Детали за огласот: нема информација
Веб страна: www.valosohub.com
Контакт телефон: Рокот за аплицирање е завршен
Контакт емаил: Рокот за аплицирање е завршен
Извор: Вработи.се

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